More HDR …

Since I posted the preceding note on my initial work with the HDR software, Photomatix, I’ve been playing a little. With the help of my son, we’ve revamped the blog site and I’ve been learning how to update it and make changes as we progress. It’s interesting, even fun…to my surprise. I was out again […]

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Eclipse of the Moon

I’m hoping that Mother Nature doesn’t block my view of the total eclipse of the moon that is due to be visible tonight. That’s exactly what happened last time. Tonight, here in the northeast, it promises to be very cold, so I’m hoping that also means clear skies. I’m going down by a nearby lake […]

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Day two at the gallery

On my previous post I wrote about opening day at the Natural Images Gallery. Opening day was exhilarating. While part of that exhilaration was seeing my pictures sell. It was just as rewarding to witness the reaction of complete strangers as they circled around the small gallery, sometimes spending several minutes looking at and discussing […]

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