Youth and Tradition Converge

Photography workshops are interesting in many ways. Among the most interesting, in my opinion, is how people interact with the scenes before them. It’s always exciting to watch how different people approach a scene. Some will grab their camera and tripod and rush to begin taking photos. Others will appear to meander, barely taking their […]

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See why a “student” photographer boosts my enthusiasm

First, let me comment on my use of the word “student” in this post. I was tempted to refer to those attending my recent workshops as “participants.” But that seems almost clinical, whereas the word “student” credits those seeking more knowledge on any subject, whether it be those in attendance at a photography workshop or […]

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Getting it in focus

Those readers who are members of The North American Nature Photographers Association’s (NANPA) and readers of its magazine, Currents, will find the spring edition exceptional – great articles from esoteric as well as technological perspectives. I particularly enjoyed the articles on Putting on a Photo Presentation and the one on Depth of Field. While neither […]

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