His design

On this Holy Saturday of Easter weekend, as I enjoyed my morning walk I was thinking, appropriately enough, about all the blessings of the events of this Holy Week, both historically and in my life today. As I contemplated the events of this week and the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, the […]

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Day one at Death Valley

We’ve had an evening and a morning shoot to open our stint at Death Valley National Park. It was still windy and cold, however, it’s warmed up this afternoon. It’s about 1 pm as I write this. Last night, after our drive from Joshua Tree, through the Mojave (see the featured photo above) we decided […]

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Overcoming a drab January

I know a number of photographers around Central New York who are pretty down in the mouth about the opportunities for winter photography, especially what passed for winter around here in the January just passed. I was among them until the last few days, when I changed my approach to the opportunities I was seeking […]

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