Baltimore Woods Winter Photography Workshop

When: Dec 7, 2019; 10 am to 4 pm
Where: Baltimore Woods | Marcellus, NY
$30 (morning session only)
$55 (afternoon session only)
$75 (all day)
Registration Deadline: Part one: Dec. 1, 2019

A Winter Wonderland-0587

Winter can be a photographer’s wonderland

Early December is a terrible time to try to predict whether or not it will seem like winter when we step outside. It may seem like the late autumn that it really is or it may be a frigid introduction to the winter that’s on the horizon. I’ve had the experience of touting our Central New York reputation for lots of snow and we ended up having our Baltimore Woods winter photo workshops being snowless.

his year, we’re going to even the odds a little because we’ll attack winter photography in two parts: Part 1 – Getting Ready for winter photography; Part 2 – Enjoying winter photography.  So, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, we’ll come up with interesting images when at Baltimore Woods Nature Center, Marcellus, NY.

Getting Ready for Winter Photography:

Winter Baltimore Woods stream

Winter Baltimore Woods stream

This is the purpose of Part 1, Saturday, December 7. Interesting enough, Part 1 of this two-part workshop has two parts all its own.

On this Saturday we’ll spend most of the morning exploring important aspects of winter photography ranging from how to dress for winter photography, to how to care for your photography gear under winter conditions and of course how to make winter photographs that capture the essence of winter.

After lunch, we’ll change our focus (pun intended) and enjoy some warmer, though still winter, photo opportunities . . . close-up and macro photography. Bring your cameras, whether high-tech digital SLR or a sophisticated compact camera (sometimes referred to as a “point and shoot”) and, if you have them, close-up/macro lenses or adaptors. We’ll have plenty of subjects to photograph. On your way home, expect to find yourself fighting the urge to stop by the local supermarket to pick up something to photograph on your kitchen table. It’ll be interesting to see if you can resist the urge.

Who should attend: Photographers of all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate will enjoy and appreciate this day. Register by clicking the “Register Now” button below.



Is it macro or is it close-up?

PART 2: LET’S GET OUT AND SHOOT. We’ll be at Baltimore Woods all day for Part 2 and there’s no charge for this photoshoot if you joined on for Part 1, Dec. 3. You will have to pre-register for the photoshoot, however.

Right now I have it on the calendar TENTATIVELY for January 11, 2020. Don’t forget to check for details as they get firmed-up.






NOTICE: The potential always exists for specifics of any tour/workshop to change. It is with this thought in mind that I will always confirm the details of your planned participation with you before charging your credit card. I always suggest that you not confirm schedule or travel arrangements until I have confirmed the details with you.