Baltimore Woods kicks off a new and revised calendar

There are a couple of points I want to make quickly:

  • The 2013 Nature Photo Tour/Workshop schedule looks really exciting and the response to the shorter sessions (1- or 2-day vs 4- or 5-day) has been great.
  • We’ve just kicked-off the 2013 tour/workshop schedule in fine fashion, with a packed group at Baltimore Woods.
Same locale, everybody sees something different. Ain't it great?

Same locale, everybody sees something different. Ain’t it great?

Let me begin with the new schedule. I’ve had many people, particularly alumni, lament their inability to get time off from work to take in the 4- or 5-day tours that have been our practice. “Give me a 1- or 2-day workshop and I’d love to join you,” was something I heard often. So, never let it be said that I don’t listen (even though I certainly could use some practice in this arena).

I’ve revamped the 2013 tours/workshops schedule to include more of the shorter variety. A few longer sessions are still on the calendar because they are popular. However, I’m hoping many of you will be able to join us on some of the new and/or shorter sessions.

Note: I’m also scheduling the longer tours, so that they can accommodate someone participating for less than the whole schedule (space available). Touch base if that’s what you need.

Next up: (Just click the link for more information on each)

March 30 (1-day): Unraveling High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) 

April 27 (1-day): Central New York Waterfalls

May 22-25 (4-day): Waterfalls of Letchworth State Park

June 27 (1-day):  Enjoying Flower & Garden Photography

July 12-14 (Weekend): Adirondack High Peaks

August 9-11 (Weekend): Tranquil Adirondack Waterways

September 25-28 (4-day): Fall in the Adirondacks

October 3-6 (4-day): Finger Lakes Wine Country

Baltimore Woods Kicks-off our year

Gold in "them thar woods"

Gold in “them thar woods”

We got the year off to a fine start at Baltimore Woods this past Saturday. We had a full-house and great winter weather – lots of snow and not too cold. The staff at The Woods was great as usual, putting on the coffee, tea and hot chocolate for us. Only two of our participants were already members of The Woods, but now the rest have a 1-year membership (as part of their tour registration). So, keep an eye out for The Woods’ newsletter and take advantage of a great place to shoot.

We’ll be back at The Woods on March 30 for the HDR workshop (see above). Sign-up soon, to confirm your seat.

All you have to do is click below to register for any of this year’s tours/workshops.