Another house call

Janice Coleman with her new framed photo captured at Lake Abanakee, Indian Lake, NY in the Adirondacks.

A couple weeks ago, give or take, I added a sign into the mix with my work that’s displayed at Gallery 54 in Skaneateles, NY. It reads, “Doctors don’t make house calls any more . . . but Tom does.” It then goes on to briefly explain that I’m ready to help Gallery 54 customers with their decision(s) concerning

whether or not one of my images will fit, go with their color scheme or furniture style or just plain look good in their home or office. If the decision relates to an image that’s already framed I will bring the image to their home so they can see it “up close and personal.” Should it not be what they hoped when I get it there I’ll just bring it back to the gallery. However, I will also bring along my computer and projector so that I can project a selection of images on the wall where they had hoped would be the new home for the images that returning to the gallery (or any other wall for that matter).

I hung this image, titled Quiet Autumn, in her bedroom.

This kind of house call worked well for Janice Coleman of Canandaigua, NY. The image she enjoyed in the gallery found its new home almost a month ago when Janice saw it in her living room for the first time, rather than just in the gallery. However, she had other walls in her home that she was hoping to decorate with some new art, too. So, my projector got a little workout during that initial visit and today I delivered two additional pieces. One, that Janice was kind enough to pose with here along with another she appreciated for its peacefulness, for her bedroom. I delivered and hung both images this  and I’m happy to report she was very happy with the images, indeed with the whole process.

Personally, I really enjoy seeing my work in its new home with a happy new owner.