All winners?

As part of the discussion aspect of our artful nature photography collaboration, what follows is some input from Sandi Cannellos for everyone’s thoughtful consideration. I suggested last week that sometime in the future we would vote on images to select 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in anticipation of an exhibition of some larger number of images. I still think that we need a way to identify those images to be included in the exhibition…though we do not necessarily needs to have 1st, 2nd & 3rd place images, as Sandy suggests. I think I agree with Sandi’s sentiment that we don’t need to turn this into a competition. Your thoughts?

I need to note that the “second round” of collaboration images, posted On Dec 9, has not had any comment to date. This collaboration will only work if everyone participates and your comments are an important element.

Just to confuse things . . . below is a gallery of some images from our shoot last Saturday. It was great to have so many people interested. Nine of us participated. While comment and constructive critique of these is certainly in order, I will post the 3rd round as soon as we’ve had some comment on Round two.

Thanks everyone.