A New Year’s Resolution

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I’m writing with a New Year’s Resolution that I’m hoping many of you will adopt . . .

New Year’s Resolution: Help as many people as possible learn to enjoy, or more thoroughly enjoy, the wonderful world of nature photography.
We can keep this resolution in may ways, often simply by sharing the images we have created. Some of us will do that through shows, workshops, and social media like FaceBook. All of us can help others enjoy what we already know and love . . . not only the final images but the experience behind our cameras.
Click the image above for a larger view

Click the image above for a larger view

I had the pleasure during 2015 to share my enthusiasm for nature/landscape photography through my workshops, shows and presentations. Part of my New Years Resolution is to expand my sharing of some thoughts and experiences through photo/camera clubs. So, if anyone knows of a club that might be interested in a presentation, may I encourage you to share my name and e-mail address ([email protected]) with them.

If they should want some evidence that they won’t be disappointed with the presentation, a couple recent responses to my presentations may help. Following a presentation at the NYC Sierra Club Photo Club, Nancy Langer, the club’s program chair, wrote to say thanks “. . . for your informative and very inspirational presentation.

north end of Piseco Lake

north end of Piseco Lake

Everyone I spoke to loved your talk.  It was so obvious that you are an experienced and organized presenter and that you are very eager to share your passion and knowledge of photographing the natural world around you.  And, you did so in such a creative and unique manner.  Not only were your images beautiful but the captions told the story and had so much meaning as you explained your techniques.  It is also obvious why you have such a loyal following for your workshops.  I want to compliment you again on your cooperation and professionalism when interacting with us about setting up your engagement.  I only hope my future speakers can/will follow your example.  We would love to have you present to us again in the future.”

But, what if it doesn't? Where will you find your image?

But, what if it doesn’t? Where will you find your image?

Similarly, Rosalie Spitzer, co-workshop chair for the Syracuse Camera Club, wrote: “I want to thank you for a fabulous presentation entitled “Getting Ready for Winter”. I was very pleased at the wonderful turn-out. For our club this was particularly well attended. We all learned so much . . . we hope you will share your expertise with our group again.”
Well, by gosh, as it happens, I have some presentations developed that have been well received and I’d be delighted to share any of these in the coming year:
  • “Seeing with the eyes of an artist” (recently developed for and presented to the NYC Sierra Club)
    • Exploring the challenges and questions related to creating artful nature images.
  • “Getting Ready for Winter Photography” (recently presented to the Syracuse Camera Club)
    • Exploring how to care for yourself as well as your gear . . . considerations, tips and warnings when photographing in wintery conditions.

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  • “Inspiration and creativity”
    • Everything from tools and technology to techniques and intuition as it relates to inspiration and creativity in nature photography.
  • “Design and composition”
    • Achieving the goal of expressing your expectations for your images.
  • “Forward with Fundamentals”
    • The roles to be played by everything from your camera operator’s manual to your selection of ISO, aperture, white balance and much more, in creating images that tell a story.
  • “Photography in our ‘backyards’ ”
    • I define “my backyard” as any place I can drive to, photograph, and get home from in the same day. Why’s that important? What can we accomplish photographically in our backyards?
  • Finally, if a photo club or other group has a special subject it would like me to explore, let me know. I’m currently developing a new presentation on photographing in the Adirondacks and another on photographing the Finger Lakes Region and I’d be happy to consider something of special interest to a particular club.

Finally, I’d like to encourage everyone interested in exploring the creation of artful nature images to join in our discussion. Take a look at In Search of an Artist’s Eye (and subsequent posts in this discussion) to learn more about our collaboration.

PS: For all those participating in our In Search of an Artist’s Eye collaboration, you need to know that I’m testing what I hope is the Forum App that will simplify our discussions. If I’m correct we should be able to upload our own images and easily comment on all images that get uploaded. I will be out of pocket through the holidays, returning around January 4th. My hope is that we’ll be able to launch the new forum at that time.

Until then, let thank everyone for your participation to this point and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and let’s look forward to a new year of inspiring photography.