A Macro demo

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having a good time. I hope that was as true for the visitors to Gallery 54, in Skaneateles, NY yesterday as it was for me. More or less on the spur of the moment, a couple days ago I posted a note on the Gallery 54 Facebook page announcing that I would be demonstrating how much fun macro photography can be . . . especially during cold and gray winter months.

To prepare for my demo I downloaded an application (Smart Shooter) that would allow me to tether my camera to my laptop computer and manipulate camera settings as well as activate the camera shutter from the computer. I should have downloaded it earlier so that I had more time to try and understand it’s capabilities. Well, I have a month to figure that out.

Most importantly, it allowed me to have each new photo appear on the computer monitor, large enough that a few folks standing near by could see each new image. It enabled me to demonstrate what happens when a bright light (a Christmas tree light in this case) was allowed to fall out of focus. I was also able to let our guests see how changing aperture affected what was in focus and what was not in focus as well has how aperture and/or shutter speed would impact the brightness or darkness of the image. Most importantly, our guests were able to see things most had never seen before, because of the macro view the camera and lens facilitated. I think we ended up illustrating something of the “art” that can be found in the simplest of His creations.

Before I arrived at the gallery I picked up a simple bouquet of flowers from the local super market to use in the demonstration along with a few other props that I brought from home – feathers, glass beads, the lights, etc.

I had fun trying different things throughout the day and I think our guests enjoyed something a little different from their visit. Before I knew it, the day was over. But, I think I’ll play with the flower a little bit more this afternoon.