2014’s coming together

That sounds a little strong, but it’s true. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time recently, planning (maybe I should say scheduling) a good chunk of 2014. At the top of my list has been scheduling my nature photography tours/workshops.

The Winter in the Adirondacks Tour provides plenty of opportunity for som expressive black and white images...among others.

The Winter in the Adirondacks Tour provides plenty of opportunity for some expressive black and white images…among others.

I’ve tried to listen to all of those who responded to my call for suggestions. I’ve include a few new venues, more Adirondack tours and more one day tours/workshops. I’ve also considered how I can accommodate those who cannot spring free for the full schedule of any tour and I think I’ve worked that out, too. We’ll be able to schedule the agendas of multi-day tours so that individual participants can join us mid-stream or leave a little early, if necessary.

In addition to the schedule, and to accommodate the needs of anyone who might join us for less than the complete tour schedule, I’ve also developed a new fee structure. You can learn more about it here: Fees, Payments & Refunds.

The schedule itself can be found at: 2014 Schedule.

At this stage the schedule is little more than a list of date however. The important details are confirmed for the first date on the schedule, the Winter in the Adirondacks Tour. Anyone interested in learning about the other tours/workshops as their details become available can get on the update list by clicking here: Update me.