2 or 3 for 2 or 3

Sycamore Hills Gardens, Marcellus, NY

This is my attempt at employing the acronym, KISS . . . Keep It Simple Sir! I know that this has traditionally been communicated as Keep It Simple Stupid but I don’t think you’re stupid and I hope you don’t think I am either. What I am trying to do is look ahead at my future workshops and try to make them work in the new, post-Covid-19 environment, while we really don’t know what it will be like. Will we need to maintain “social distancing?” Will people be able to plan months ahead of time? Will folks who have been out of work because of the pandemic shut-downs be a able to afford the fees associated with 5 to 7-day workshops?


The answers to all these questions are difficult to discern at this point. To try to err on the side caution I’ve come up with 2 or 3 for 2 or 3 . . . Just two or three people will facilitate social distancing, for two or three days, of course, will impact how much time someone needs to dedicate to participating in the event. There are some interesting benefits to “2 or 3 for 2 or 3.”

Baltimore Woods Nature Center

The 2 or 3 for 2 or 3 workshops will be intense, in the field, hands-on events that will encourage growth in each participant’s photography.

    • We’ll be able to complete workshops on weekends as well as mid-week.
    • We’ll be able to schedule workshops without so much advance notice and planning.
    • Workshops can be tailored to the individual needs of participants.
    • The shorter workshops will minimize the out-of-pocket costs for participants.
    • We’ll be able to set workshops up more spontaneously in locations that best suit the needs of participants.
    • The “2 or 3 for 2 or 3”  format will encourage to say, “Hey, I’d like to learn about ______________” and “I’d like to do that in _________________.” You fill in the blanks.
    • Friends will be able to suggest a venue and/or subject and we’ll be able to put a workshop on the calendar in short order. “Hey, Tom, I’d like to photography from a mountain top in the Adirondacks.” Or, “Tom, I have myself and a couple of people  who would like to learn more about waterfalls photography and stay close to home in the Fingerlakes.”
    • If you want a workshop in the Adirondacks, we can make that happen. If you’d prefer to stay closer to home (pretty much wherever that may be) we’ll be able to make that happen, too.
    • I’ll be putting some workshops on the calendar and you (perhaps with a couple of friends) will be able to look at your calendar and let me know the subject you would like, when you would like a workshop, and where.